Anna Bes González

Threat Analyst and Computer Security Researcher


Jan 2021 - Present

Labs Engineer

Plaça de Gal·la Placídia, 1-3, office 303, 08006 Barcelona (Spain)

Currently working at Blueliv on Laboratory.

I'm currently working as a Labs Engineer, Threat Analyst and Computer Security Researcher, mainly focused on the IoT malware industry and monitoring IoT threats and IoT malware, reverse engineering and analyzing in detail samples in order to study them and discover their attack patterns, indicators of compromise and identify which devices may compromise.

Jul 2018 - Dec 2020

Junior Threat Analyst

Aribau, 137, 3rd floor 08021 Barcelona (Spain)

Worked at Blueliv on the IoT projects:

I managed both OTIOT and CDTI PID IIoT projects. OTIOT is a project financed by the MINISTRY OF SCIENCE, INNOVATION AND UNIVERSITIES of Spain and by the European Union. It develops a monitoring and threat detection system for OT and IoT environments that allows automatically to detect attack patterns, identify compromised devices and sensible data leaked recuperation. CDTI PID IIoT is a project that develops an automated system that detects actively threats that affect devices of the Industrial Internet of Things and is jointly financed by the Center for the Industrial Technological Development, dependent of the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities of Spain.

Jan 2018 - Jul 2018


I was in an internship at Blueliv while I worked on my bachelor's degree thesis at Tecnocampus:

  • Analysis, design and implementation of an offensive security system for IoT and OT devices

I performed an IoT and OT technology market and state-of-the-art study, analyzing their applications and security measures used in order to design an offensive security system for IoT and OT devices.

Jul 2017 - Dec 2017


I worked at Geemba as a full stack programmer. Some of the products I made or enhanced were:

  • (Enhanced) Geemba Assistant. The main tool.
  • (Created) Geemba Docker. Implemented the whole product into a microservice based architecture.
  • (Created/Enhanced) Geemba Shared. A Composer package by refactoring the software and centralize the code that is used in a single library.
  • (Created) Geemba Auth. A Single Sing-On and Single Logout system for everything related to Geemba users.
  • (Created) Geemba Heartbeat. A centralized status monitoring system for the Geemba services.
  • (Enhanced) Geemba Vue. An npm-based system for the Node dependency managing of the Geemba services.


Oct 2018 - Sep 2020

Cybersecurity Master's Degree

La Salle
Sant Joan de La Salle, 42, 08022 Barcelona (Spain)

  • Security Analysis, Forensics Analysis, Cyberintelligence, Cybersecurity Ecosystems, Ethical Hacking, Reverse Engineering, Web Security

Sep 2014 - Jul 2018

Computer Science Degree

Av.Ernest Lluch, 32, 08302 Mataró (Spain)

  • English, Discrete Mathematics, Algebra, Calculus, Statistics, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Physics, Economy and Enterprise Administration and Management.

  • Programming, Computing, Object-Oriented Programming, Microprocessors Programming, Human-Computer Interaction, Data Structure and Algorithms, Data Bases, Multimedia Laboratory, Software Engineering, Operative Systems, Design of Data Bases and Networks and Protocols.

Aug 2016 - Dec 2016

Information and Communication Technology, Computer Science

Karelia University of Applied Science
Karjalankatu, 3, 80200 Joensuu (Finland)

  • Information and Communication Technology
  • IoT project: Dynamic Network using XBee Java library.
  • Joensuu Epic Challenge, organized by NASA
  • Systems in Production Enterprises: OT technology and SCADA systems.